Volkane Dungeon Gatekeeper

The Gatekeeper that will transport you to Volkane

Volkane Dungeon Map

Volkane Map

Behind the buildings of Guardian, at the edge of Darkon3, a strange man stands proudly over the hills. He is the keeper of the Volkane Dungeon, a place inside Magmient’s volcanic land, where fire sparks fly in the air, and powerful monsters ramble, ready to fight anyone who enters. But should you crave for fame and glory, this is your ultimate destiny, for here lays your opportunity to become a Hero. The keeper will transport you inside so it is unknown if there is an entrance.


The PastEdit

Volkane Dungeon a place inside Magmient a volcano permanently in activity that destroyed an unfinished factory called Brekin. A Goddess (unknown if Rhisis, Bubble, Iblis or Shade) locked the dungeon away to keep the Red Meteonyker and his kin trapped until the day Rhisis returned.

One day the future keeper of the dungeon came to the Wise Guardians (the peple that guide the player to the 2nd Job) and warned them that the Red Meteonyker is trying to escape because Rhisis returned.

Present DayEdit

The keeper of the dungeon is now ready to transport you to Volkane and face the Meteonyker, are you ready?

Dungeon ParticularitiesEdit

Before the keeper transport you in the dungeon you must first bring him a Phanbubble that is dropped by Glaphan.


  • Master Quest
  • Hero Quest
  • Find Ampere
  • Find Guardieye
  • Find Garbageton
  • Find Eronior
  • Find Repygle
  • Find Sycale
  • Find Mong Tear
  • Find Boopoison
  • Find Bomb Timer
  • Find Prewing
  • Find Poiespore
  • Find Renyken
  • Find Grrr Bandage
  • Find Tangkask
  • Find Rootioe
  • Find Dumptire
  • Find Luchest
  • Find Merahook
  • Find Eronsimint
  • Find Hammamer
  • Find Nerkymane
  • Find Rnamond
  • Find Rincruet
  • Find Phanbubble
  • Find Popshift
  • Find Dragon Tooth
  • Find Mysterious Eyeball

Monsters living withinEdit

  • Meteonyker
    Volkane Dungeon Loading Screen

    The Loading Screen of Volkane

  • Cyclops X
  • Dreadful Rangda
  • Red Meteonyker


  • Mysterious Robed Girl (she is actually Rhisis)
  • Mysterious Robed Boy (he is not in the dungeon but he is a part of Volkane Dungeon, hes the one who transports you there)
  • Gatekeeper


  • It can also be called Volkane Dungeon not just Volkane

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