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The Velox Set is the level 120 Jester set. It can only be obtained by buying a Velox Set box from Red Chip merchant Wafor for 10,000 Red Chips.
Velox set
Level Icon Name Defense
120 File:VeloxHelmetM.gif Velox Helmet (M) 554 - 555
File:VeloxSuitM.gif Velox Suit (M) 858 - 861
File:VeloxGauntletM.gif Velox Gauntlet (M) 554 - 555
File:VeloxBootsM.gif Velox Boots (M) 432 - 434
1/4: No effect
2/4: No effect
3/4: No effect
4/4: STR+10, DEX+10, Add Def+15%, Add HP+15%

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