Valley of the Risen is the continent where player level 121 - 129 start. The strong Masquerpets , which range
Valley of the Risen
from level to 121 - 135. There is no town/city here the nearest town/city is Eillun or The Fallen Leaf Camp.


The PastEdit

A long time has passed now since Shaduwar was discovered. As time passed, the population in Shaduwar grew and many of the inhabitants dreamed of discovering a new continent for themselves. Some of these folks left to realize that dream, and never returned. Some say they were eaten by the hungry Masquerpets, but truth be told they found that place they were looking for hidden deep in a beautiful valley tucked away in the far reaches of Shaduwar.

Present DayEdit

The path is open! Do you dare follow those who went before.



  • Threat of the Hellhound
  • Armor of the Gladiator
  • Skull of a worthy foe
  • Death of Madrigal
  • Reverse the tide
  • Constructing a new city
  • Horns of the Risen General
  • Supply and Demand
  • Research Scythe (1)
  • Research Scythe (2)
  • Secrets of the Necromancer
  • Power of the Banshee
  • The final challenge


Valley of the Risen MonstersEdit

Catacombs of the Anguish MonstersEdit


  • The Catacombs of the Anguish is located here.
  • The Passage way to Kaillun Grassland and Shaduwar

Way of AccessEdit

Flaris | Saint Morning | Garden of Rhisis | Darkon
Shaduwar | Valley of the Risen | Kaillun Grassland | Bahara Dessert

Valley of the Risen Monsters
Hellhound | Risen Gladiator | Risen Pikeman | Risen Mage | Risen Assassin | Risen Warrior | (General) Razgul
Catacombs of Anguish (dungeon)
Blighted Gryphon | Scythe Protector | Vile Flayer | Fallen Necromancer | Forsaken Banshee | (Deathbringer) Kheldor

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