Flyff has multiple classes

A Vagrant is a basic character that every player starts as. A Vagrant starts with 3 skills

Vagrant SkillsEdit

Skill Name Image Requirements Maximum level
Clean Hit X Character level 3 15
Brandish X Character level 5, clean hit level 3 10
Overcutter X Character level 10, brandish level 3 10

When leveling some people advise not to add any points to any of the skills, although it makes no difference, because you get a reskill when you finish the first job advancement. Most players save this to use when they make the 2nd job advancement or later.

The maximum level of a Vagrant is 15, after level 15 you can not gain experience to level further until choosing a job. There are 4 different first jobs:

Acrobats: High dexterity and masters of the yoyo and bow, these Kings and Queens of duels keep their target off in the distance as they quickly drain away their enemies life force.

Assists: Their divine aura is often sought after by other travelers that are in weary of the Assist's godly healing and skill enhancing magic. Having been taught by generations before them as a means of self-enlightment, they have mastered hand-to-hand combat which far exceeds anything thought of. Assists use knuckles and sticks.

Magicians: Empowered with high mental and spiritual energy, these wizards bring destruction and havoc amongst their foes. The books of old tell of these powerful beings, forging the scriptures and magics of their world into their mind and tools to smite foes with the powers from the heavens. Magicians can attack using a wand or a staff. Wands offer higher defence, while staves offer higher attack power.

Mercenaries: Bold, cunning, and quick to the battle, Mercenaries make for great close-quarters combat and have the strength to explore their world alone as they wish. Mercenaries explore the world in hopes of gaining strength, and fame. Mercenaries use axes and swords to attack, much like Vagrants.

Each class with its own strengths and weaknesses.

The experience requirements for each level are outlined below:

Level Experience needed
1 5
2 18
3 36
4 90
5 152
6 250
7 352
8 480
9 591
10 743
11 973
12 1290
13 1632
14 1928

Vagrants are the basic and most versatile class.

There are 4 different stats.

Str-Strength- increases damage for all weapons exept wands. The attack it adds for bows is barely worth mentioning. Sta-Stamina- raises total Hp and Fp, their recovery rate, and defense. Dex-Dexterity- increases accuracy, attack speed, chance of a critical attack, bow's damage, and block rate. Int-Inteligence- Raises total mp, the damage from magic attacks, the length of buffs and debuffs, and the effectiveness of heal.

Most advise when leveling to add all of the stat points to str because of the reskill at the job advancement, although few say it is advisable to get 25 dex.

There are two types of weapons for Vagrants witch are avalible to all classes including after the job advance, swords and axes

That sums up Vagrants, excluding Weapons, Armors, and Monsters.