A Scroll of Sprotect (often abbreviated "Spro") is a scroll that is used to protect a piece of equipment (be it a Weapon, Shield, or piece of Armor) while upgrading it with a Sunstone. It is permanently available in the Cash Shop and is sold in bundles of 5 for 400 gPotato a bundle. Since upgrades to +1 and +2 cannot fail and an item is not lost if an upgrade to +3 fails, it is only necessary to use a Scroll of Sprotect when upgrading to +4 or higher.

Using a Scroll of Sprotect Edit

Before upgrading your equipment, double click the Scroll of Sprotect to activate it. It will appear as a buff at the top of your screen. Once active, proceed with upgrading as normal. The scroll will be consumed when the upgrade has finished, regardless of whether or not it was successful. If the upgrade failed, your item will not be destroyed.

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