A Scroll of Smelting is a scroll that increases the chance of upgrading an item by 10% as long as the item is below +7. It is permanently available for purchase in the Cash Shop. It is sold in bundles of 5 for 300 gPotato per bundle. There is an almost identical scroll (the Scroll of Smelting (Elements)) that is half the price for the same number of scrolls, but is only effective in elemental upgrading.

Using a Scroll of Smelting Edit

  1. Use the Scroll of Smelting. A box will appear warning that the scroll will be used regardless of whether the upgrade is a success or failure. Select OK.
  2. Next, use any scrolls to necessary to protect the item.
  3. Finally, use your Sunstone, Moonstone, or Elemental Card. The chance of success will be increased.

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