Rings are items worn in the far left and far right jewelry slots. There are eleven types of rings.

Ring Required Level Effect
ArekRing Arek Ring 1 Increases DEX
IntelliRing Intelli Ring 1 Increases INT
StamRing Stam Ring 1 Increases STA
VigorRing Vigor Ring 1 Increases STR
ShubrinRing Shubrin Ring 60 Increases all stats by 1
ShubrinRing Meteor 1 Increases all stats by 1
Meteofy Meteofy 1 Increases all stats by 3
IntelliRing Adept's Ring 1 Increases INT
Decreases Casting Time
VigorRing Champion's Ring 1 Increases STR and Critical Hit Damage
StamRing Defender's Ring 1 Increases STA and Defence
ArekRing Marksman's Ring 1 Increases DEX and Evasion Rate

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