All Psykeeper skills require a Wand to cast.

Skill Requirements Description
Demonology Demonology Level 60 Basic psychic magic spell.
PsychicBomb Psychic Bomb Level 60
Mental Strike level 10
Similar to Demonology, but slower to cast and with a chance to stun for 3 seconds.
Crucio Crucio Spell Level 60
Mental Strike level 10
Self-buff that reflects damage.
Satanology Satanology Level 65
Demonology level 3
Prevents an enemy from approaching.
SpiritBomb Spirit Bomb Level 65
Psychic Bomb level 6
Deals heavy damage based on the Psykeeper's remaining MP.
MaximumCrisis Maximum Crisis Level 65
Crucio Spell level 7
No-target, self-center area of effect skill.
PsychicWall Psychic Wall Level 70
Satanology level 4
Spirit Bomb level 5
Creates a psychic barrier facing the target that bounces them back and deals damage.
PsychicSquare Psychic Square Level 75
Psychic Wall level 7
Maximum Crisis level 5
Targetted, remote-center area of effect attack. 10 second cooldown.
SpecialIntMastery Special INT Mastery Level 60-M Self-buff that increases INT.
Petrify Petrification Hero Status Disables target's movement, attacks, skills, food, vital drinks, and refreshers. This skill is bugged, as it renders the enemy immobile, but they are invulnerable to attacks and can still heal themselves with food.

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