PenyaStrikePenya Strike is a Jester skill that can only be used while holding a yo-yo. It requires the Jester be above level 75 and have the skill Enchant Absorb at or above level 4. It deals a high amount of damage, ignoring the target's defense. For each point of damage the skill inflicts, 1 penya is taken from your inventory; and so if you hit a 1,000 with Penya Strike, you will lose 1,000 penya. Please note that skill attack is NOT how much damage the attack will do.

Penya strike is largely known as Hit of Penya (abbreviated HoP), as this was the skill's previous name.

Level Skill Attack FP
1 30~31 90
2 32~33 93
3 34~35 96
4 36~37 99
5 38~39 102
6 40~41 105
7 42~43 108
8 44~45 111
9 46~47 114
10 48~49 117

Penya Strike in action

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