A Cute Nyangnyang.

A Nyangnyang is a cat like monster found in Flaris, Galanets official Description of one is "These monsters are scantily dressed cat-like creatures, and attack with their sharp claws. These are weaker monsters for more confident new players and can be found towards the back of Flaris"


The largest spawn of Nyangnyangs can be found in Northern Flaris to the North of the bridge crossing the River of Weeping. Nyangnyangnav


Cute NyangnyangEdit

  • Level: 17
  • Element: FireSmallFire
  • 'HP: '3,080


  • Level: 17
  • Element: ElectricSmallElectric
  • 'HP: '3,080

Creep NyangnyangEdit

  • Level: 18
  • Element: FireSmallFire
  • 'HP:' 3,197

Giant NyangnyangEdit

  • Level: 21
  • Element: ElectricSmallElectric
  • 'HP: '65,032

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