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An NPC is any Character or Model that is animated but not directly controlled by a person, this would mean that monsters too, are NPCs

The NPCs that are in town sell items that players must use penya to buy, or gain penya by selling to them, NPC in generall USUALLY (but not in all cases) depicts a Shop or quest NPC (Or even one that just does nothing)

Flaris NPC'sEdit

Outside Flarine TownEdit

Flarine NorthEdit

Central FlarineEdit

Flarine EastEdit

Saint Morning NPC'sEdit

Sain CityEdit

Outside Sain CityEdit

Garden of Rhisis NPC'sEdit


Darkon NPC'sEdit

Darkon 1Edit

Dekane MinesEdit

Darkon 2/Darken CityEdit

Darkon 3Edit

Volkane VolcanoEdit

Shaduwar NPC'sEdit

Kaillun Grassland NPC'sEdit

Coral Island NPC'sEdit

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