Level 7-10: Party of Is Edit

Objective: Collect 5 Chupims for her party.

Where: Flaris, All kinds of Pukepukes

Reward: 3,500 penya, and 70 Exp.

Level 8-10: Flying Board Edit

Objective: Dior needs you to collect 7 peakyrinds, for mass producing flying boards.

Where: Flaris. All types of PeakyTurtles.

Reward: 4,000 Penya, and 70 Exp

Level 9-10: Fresh Start for teddy Bears Edit

Objective: Childrens house requests you to collect 7 Teddy Bears for the children.

Where: Flaris. All types of Demians.

Reward: 4,500 penya, and 118 Exp

Level 11-12: Gem for wand Edit

Objective: Madrigal Magition requests you to collect 10 Poporams to make gems for a wand

Where: Flaris, all types of Doridomas.

Reward: 5,500 penya, and 194 Exp

Level 13-14: Cookies Muchine Edit

Objective: Collect 10 Slains, for some cookies.

Where: Flaris, All types of lawolfs.

Reward: 20 Vital Drink 400.

Level 15-18: Magic Quill Tabling Edit

Objective: Collect 12 Train Roots.

Where: All Types of Feferns.

Reward: 20 Grade 4 Refreshers.

Level 17-18: Nyang Lyangglatang Edit

Objective: Collect 10 NyanNyangs (Not the monsters, but the item that drops near the giant)

Where: Around Giant NyangNyang

Reward: 8,500 Penya, and 20 Barbecue

Level 17-18: Open 10th Year Gift Edit

Objective: Collect 14 Star Stones.

Where: All Types of NyanNyangs.

Reward: 8,500 Penya, and 20 Town Blinkwings.

To Be Finished Edit

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