At level 130 the Psykeeper can progress to the 3rd job change - Mentalist. Mentalists are Masters of dark magic. Their magic tends to revolve around mental powers. Please don't call them "mental" otherwise you might end up on the receiving end of their extraordinary skills. Mentalis's are also one of the few classes that can use Shields for an extra defense boost. Mentalists require Offerep's Spellbook in order to use their Mentalist skills. Offerep's Spellbook is received from the Mentalist's Job Change Quest.


Mentalist Skills

Aether's Grasp does damage in close range. Cimetier's Scream does take much damage over time, and it also last 10 seconds at max skill level.

Begginer Job
First Jobs
Assist | Mercenary | Magician | Acrobat
Second Jobs
Ringmaster | Billposter | Blade | Knight | Elementor | Psykeeper | Jester | Ranger
Third Jobs
Seraph | Force Master | Slayer | Templar | Arcanist | Mentalist | Harlequin | Crackshooter
Unrealeased Jobs
Doppleganger | Puppeteer | Gatekeeper

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