The Mars Mine Dungeon is the first dungeon in the world of Madrigal and is an explorable area located on the

Mars Mine Entrance

Entrance of Mars Mine

Mars Mine Dungeon Map

Mars Mine Map

continent of Flaris. If you choose to adventure through these deadly mines, be on your guard, who knows what evil may still lurk there?


The PastEdit

The Mars Mine Dungeon, located in the northeastern part of Flaris, is

currently the residence of several species of mutated Masquerpets which have adapted to the dungeon's lack of sunlight over the years. In the past, the Mars Mine Dungeon was used as a shelter by the ancient inhabitants of Flaris and eventually as a mine where clay was harvested. Evidence of the people who once lived within the mines is abundant; fragments of ancient statues, machinery, and various other artifacts are commonplace within the dungeon.

Present DayEdit

Hidden deep within the Mars Mine Dungeon is a statue of Serus Uriel carved by the long-fo

rgotten Caoin race, who thought of her as a demonic goddess. The statue was erected as a peace offering, and Serus Uriel was brought live sacrifices on a regular basis to appease her bloodthirsty temperament. Although it is not known exactly when, at one point in history Serus Uriel was sealed away in the final chamber of the Mars Mine Dungeon. The remainder of the Caoin people are believed to have all been slaughtered by her offspring, which haunt the deepest reaches of the dungeon to this day. Today there are only six survivors left of that lost civilization. Not sure who they are? Think carefully and you just might. They guard the ancient monsters that were locked away by their ancestors eons ago, to make certain that they never escape.


  • Dr. Estly's Mars Mine Dungeon Quest

Masqerpets living withinEdit

  • Mutant Fefern
    Mars Mine Loading Screen

    The Loading Screen of Mars Mine

  • Mutant NyangNyang
  • Mutant Bang
  • Vice Veduque
  • Worm Veduque
  • Serus Uriel


  • It was once called Mas Mine now they added the letter r

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