The Magician Job Transfer is a series of quests that can be done at level 15 to change the player's class from vagrant to magician.

Part One: Vagrant MasterEdit

This part of the quest can be started by talking to (Magician Drillmaster) Wingyei in Saint City. The only way for a level 15 player to reach Saint City is with a Blinkwing of Saint Morning, which can be purchased from (Magic) Marche in eastern Flarine. The player is required to kill ten small aibatts before returning to Wingyei. After accepting the quest, the player will be teleported to eastern Flarine. Wingyei will then give the player 1500 penya and a Blinkwing of Flaris.

Part Two: Arm of MagicianEdit

After completing the Vagrant Master portion of the quest, Wingyei gives the player another quest. This time, the player is required to gather ten twinkle stones from aibatts. The quest is completed by speaking with (Magician Master) Hee in Saint City. Hee will take the twinkle stones and give the player 1500 penya, a Blinkwing of Flaris, and access to the next part of the quest.

Part Three: Magician SkillsEdit

After completing the Arm of Magician portion of the quest, Pyre gives the player another quest. This time, the player is required to find a Book of Technique and then speak with (High Dwarpet) Hastan. Hastan will take the Book of Technique and give the player a Label of Technique, a Blinkwing of Saint Morning, and 1500 penya.

Part Four: Duty of MagicianEdit

After completing the Magician Skills portion of the quest, Hastan gives the player the final quest in the Magician Job Transfer series. The player is required to kill one Seido, a level 15 monster that is identical to a hoppre. Seido is found just east of Saint Hall, near the Saint Tree. After defeating Seido, the player can complete the quest by speaking with (Magician Instructor) Lopaze in Saint City. Lopaze will take the player's Label of Technique and give them an Activation, Bull Hamstern, an Event Reskill, and a Refresher Hold. Tailer will also return all of their stats to 15, allowing them to relocate their stat points.

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