The Lord System was implemented in Version 12. A player that has Master or Hero status may apply to become Lord by talking with the NPC Lord Aide in Northern Flaris on Friday. The minimum bid is one hundred million (100,000,000) penya. Only the ten highest bids will be accepted. If you are outbid, 98% of your bid will be returned to you by mail.


Saturday, after bidding has ended, the candidates may post a public pledge stating why they should become Lord. The pledge can be changed, but this costs one million (100,000,000) penya. Saturday through Sunday, players that are level 60 or higher may vote on a candidate of their choice by speaking with the Lord Aide and selecting "Lord's Vote" and typing in the name of the candidate they wish to vote for. Players that vote receive a "Buff for Voters" that gives 105% Experience and drop rate for an hour. If less than 10% of players that are eligible to vote actually cast their vote, the election is canceled. Candidates that do not receive the most votes are refunded as follows:

Place Refund percentage
Lord (1st) 100
2nd 100
3rd 80
4th 60
5th 40
6th 20
7th-10th None

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