A male Knight.

When you reach level 60 as a Mercenary, you will be able to job change into a Knight.

As a Knight you can take on the role of being the tank for the party. You will be at the front taking damage from monsters and dealing damage.

You will have good defense, enabling you to shield other members from attacks. You will also have the strength to provide consistent damage against monsters.

As a Knight you will wear heavy armor for protection. To fight, you will use Two-Handed Swords and Axes.

Knights focus on defense and power over speed. They have the ability to wield the most powerful, albeit slowest weapons in the game, as well as the most protective armors (the lack of a shield is made up for by their armors' heavy defense.) In general, Knights are more efficient than other classes at making use of their Area of Effect skills, as they can fight many more monsters at a time due to their naturally high defense. Knights are usually considered the tank characters in FlyFF, since Knights receive a greater HP bonus for each point of stamina than any other class in the game. Like the Blade, a Knight can use a single handed sword or axe with or without a shield, but will be unable to use any Knight-specific skills. Knights also have a passive skill called Swordcross, which activates at random. It doubles the damage of one hit, whether it's dealt with or without the use of a skill. Swordcross does not stack with Holycross, and only has a chance to activate with a Two-Handed Sword or Axe.

Note: As of v18, knights no longer inflict the Swordcross debuff on enemies while using two-handed weapons. From the Gala Net staff, the developers ran into bugs while implementing v18 (though this sounds like complete and utter BS, this is Gala Labs we're talking about, who is extremely incompetent...)


Skill Name Image Weapon Requirements Description
Charge Charge Two-Handed Sword Sword Mastery level 9, Character level 60 Does maximum damage to a Masquerpet or player, ignoring level damage reduction.
Pain Dealer PainDealer Two-Handed Axe Axe Mastery level 3, Character level 60 Deals high damage and lowers target's defense.
Guard Guard Two-Handed Weapon Character level 60 Reduces attack, greatly boosts defense.
Earth Divider EarthDivider Two-Handed Sword Charge level 4, Character level 65 Area of Effect attack. Has higher damage than Power Stomp, but slower.
Power Stomp PowerStomp Two-Handed Axe Pain Dealer level 4, Character level 65 Area of Effect attack with a chance to stun.
Rage Rage Two-Handed Weapon Guard level 5, Character level 60 Increases attack and maximum HP, reduces accuracy.
Pain Reflection PainReflection Two-Handed Sword or Axe Rage level 4, Character level 70 Recives

damage reflection.

Power Swing PowerSwing Two-Handed Weapon Pain Reflection level 7, Character level 75 High damage and knockback.
Special Two-Handed Weapon Mastery Special 2-Handed Mastery Two-Handed Sword or Axe Master Status Increases attack power with two-handed weapon.
DrawingDrawingTwo-handed Sword or AxeHero StatusPulls the target closer to the caster, similar to the Acrobat Pulling skill.

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