All Jester skills require a Yoyo. Equipping a weapon that is not a yoyo will cancel any active self-buffs.

Skill Requirements Description
EnchantPoison Enchant Poison Level 60
Deadly Swing level 4
Adds poison damage to your yoyo and increases striking power. Poison does small amounts of damage over time. Adds 60 damage per hit and 20% chance to poison when maxed.
EnchantBlood Enchant Blood Level 60 Adds blood damage to your yoyo and increases striking power. Bleeding does small amounts of damage over time. Adds 50 damage per hit and 20% chance to cause bleeding when maxed.
Escape Escape Level 60 Supposed to remove Sneaker, Satanology, and Rooting effects, but doesn't due to a glitch.
CriticalSwing Critical Swing Level 65
Enchant Poison level 3
Increases chance of critical strike. Adds 40% chance of a critical hit when maxed.
SneakStab Sneak Stab Level 70
Enchant Blood level 3
Can only be used when behind a target. 65% Chance to stun when maxed. Probability of stun is halved when used on a player.
EnchantAbsorb Enchant Absorb Character level 70
Escape level 3
Adds the ability to drain HP to your yoyo. Heals 40 hp per hit and adds 24 damage per hit when maxed.
PenyaStrike Penya Strike Level 75
Enchant Absorb level 4
Strengthens the attack of a yoyo by consuming penya. A strong attack that ignores defence. Each point of damage consumes 1 penya.
VitalStab Vital Stab Level 80
Critical Swing level 4
Sneak Stab level 7
A strong attack with a 40% chance to do 4 times normal damage when maxed. Must be in Dark Illusion and behind target to use.
SYoyoMastery Special Yo-yo Mastery Level 60-M Increases yoyo attack power. The higher your mastery level, the more effective it is.
Silence Silence Hero Status 75% chance of preventing target from using skills that require MP when maxed.

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