At level 130 the Jester can progress to the 3rd job change - Harlequin. Harlequins rely on their high Critical Hit Rate and skills for a quick end to a battle. Harlequins may use Bows but just like their previous Jester Job, they will not have access to their skills.


Harlequin Skills

Begginer Job
First Jobs
Assist | Mercenary | Magician | Acrobat
Second Jobs
Ringmaster | Billposter | Blade | Knight | Elementor | Psykeeper | Jester | Ranger
Third Jobs
Seraph | Force Master | Slayer | Templar | Arcanist | Mentalist | Harlequin | Crackshooter
Unrealeased Jobs
Doppleganger | Puppeteer | Gatekeeper

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