Guan Yu Heavyblade is a level 127 boss monster in Traseria. he wields a giant sword and will slam it into the ground making you de-level back to your previous classe if it is a fatal blow.

IE- 150HERO slayer to 129 HERO blade. 129HERO blade to 119MASTER blade. 119 MASTER blade to 119 BLADE 119 BLADE to 59 MERCENARY and so on until you reach vagrant.

due to the fact that he will delevel you many players fight this boss at level 130 because it has the lowest delevel rate (you will only lose 1level at level 130) if you kill this boss the drops will be rewarding.

penya: the penya drop from Guan Yu Heavyblade ranges between 100m-500m every time.

Guan yu spike shield: Guan Yu spike shield is a rare shield. the chances of getting a Guan Yu spike shield range between 1-3%

Remantis Lacotte: Remantis Lacotte will drop from Guan Yu Heavyblade  in stacks of 99. the chances of getting this drop are 1/4 or 25%

Dark Traseria Ticket: Guan Yu Heavyblade has been known to drop dark tras tickets. the drop rate for these is similar to the Guan Yu spike shield at around 1-3%

EXP: guan yu will drop 134869374 xp for a level 130 slayer if he were to kill it in an advanced party without any help.

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