First Steps Edit

Talk to all three of the BoBo blacksmith brothers. Each one will give you something that will help you with your first quest. Be sure to buy a sword from Luda, then go see the female NPC Losha in Eastern Flarine - she will tell you to kill 15 Aibatts, then report back to Bobo Luda.

First Steps (2)Edit

After reporting to Luda after killing 15 Aibatts, he will give you EXP and penya. Then he will ask you to kill 15 Small Mushpangs and 20 Mushpangs and report back to him. Once again he will give you EXP and penya.

New Puppy YorrnEdit


Once you reach around level 4 - 5, go back to Eastern Flarine, where you will see an exclamation mark above the head of an NPC by Losha. She will tell you she is Losha's little sister and that she is concerned for her sister who wont eat or sleep because her new puppy whom she found has disappeared. She tells you to go look where Losha found the puppy again, by the grown up Lawolves in The Middle of Lelen Mountains. Yorrn will be found as a little red scroll, behind the last tree on the right side of the spawn of Grownup Lawolfs. The reward for this quest after returning it to Lola and Losha is 15,000 penya.

Raising pet 1 (egg to d level)Edit

Bring the exp of your egg to 99.99% and the egg to the Pet Tamer and he will hatch it.

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