Forsaken Tower Entrance or Gatekeeper

The Warrior that leads you to the Forsaken Tower

A new dungeon has surfaced south of Flaris. Overflowing with Masquerpets, this tower is suitable for AOE and 1v1 players alike. However, unlike other dungeons in Madrigal, the terrain and environment to reach this dungeon make it nearly impossible to access.


The PastEdit

Once thought to be Shades hideout these Masquerpets still guard her throne room which was situated at the very top level. She would retreat here to regroup after a long day of mayhem and destruction. She summoned her most loyal Masquerpets and they swore an oath to guard it with their lives. With each level comes more challenging foes each more eager to for-fill his purpose. In the end Shade destroyed the Throne Room so it would not fall into enemy hands but still her loyal subjects guard. Diligently they await the glorious day of her return in the hopes of restoring her to her rightful throne.

Present DayEdit

Today this dungeon in the sky serves as a training ground for the leveling warrior. This dungeon is full of hard hitters that re-spawn at an alarming rate. Use them to help you gain the needed levels to participate in the utmost challenge of the Tower the Secret Rooms a weekly guild challenge.


Luckily for players, there are brave soldiers who will lead you to the level of the Dungeon that you seek. Each
  • The Map of Floor 1 of the Forsaken Tower
  • The Map of Floor 2 of the Forsaken Tower
  • The Map of Floor 3 of the Forsaken Tower
  • The Map of Floor 4 of the Forsaken Tower
  • The Map of Floor 5 of the Forsaken Tower
level of the dungeon is more dangerous to reach, and as a result, the price for guidance is increased.
  • Floor 1 contains monsters in the 62-72 level range. Entry is 10,000 Penya.
  • Floor 2 contains monsters in the 74-84 level range. Entry is 30,000 Penya.
  • Floor 3 contains monsters in the 86-96 level range. Entry is 50,000 Penya.
  • Floor 4 contains monsters in the 98-108 level range. Entry is 70,000 Penya.
  • Floor 5 contains monsters in the 110-120 level range. Entry is 100,000 Penya.
  • Floor 6 are where the Secret Room are located.
  • Floor 7 is Shades throne room which is now destroyed and inaccessable. (In the game it says: Do Not Enter)

Monster living withinEdit

Floor 1Edit

Forsaken Tower Loading Screen

The Loading Screen of the Forsaken Tower which shows the First Floor

  • Catsy
  • Harpy

Floor 2Edit

  • Gullah
  • Abraxas

Floor 3Edit

  • Clockworks
  • Tengu

Floor 4Edit

  • Asterius
  • Dantalian

Floor 5Edit

  • Ganessha
  • Asuras

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