Here is all the Flyff Flying Equipment


Hover BoardEdit

Slowest board there is. This board is generally considered useless unless it is your first time playing Flyff. Sometimes this board is used to get around Saint Morning city due to all the building placements.

Price: 3,000 Speed: 132 km/h

Aero BoardEdit

Second slowest board of the game. It isn't really used that much.

Price: 15,000 Speed: 167 km/h

Wilduck BoardEdit

This board is mid levels.

Price: 50,000 Speed: 189 km/h

Ignice BoardEdit

It is the most expensive NPC bought board but is also one of the fastest with speeds of  over 200 km/h. The counterpart is the Projan Broom.

Price: 200,000 Speed: 218 km/h


Magic BroomEdit

The slowest broom in the game, it isn't commonly used.

Price 3,000 Speed: 145 km/h

~Current Price: 3,600 {03/06/2013}

Kestrel BroomEdit

Second slowest broom in the game, it isn't commonly used.

Price: 15,000 Speed: 170 km/h

Flicker BroomEdit

This is the broom for the moderately funded, it is commonly used by those just reaching level 20.

Price: 50,000 Speed: 190 km/h

Projan magic broomEdit

The Projan magic broom NPC, topping at about 218 km/h. It is also the most expensive NPC-sold broom, costing 200,000 penya. The Projan Broom looks somewhat like a staff for a Mage or Elementor. It's counterpart is the Ignice Board.

Price: 200,000 Speed: 218 km/h

~Current Price: 240,000 {03/06/2013}


These are only found in the gpotato shop or sold by players.


Clock HoverbikesEdit

The Clock Bikes are/were only available through the cash shop. Its extremely fast, going at 276 km/h. It of course as the name say it is shaped like a flying motorcycle with out wheels and can get you to places much faster than by any other means, except for blinkwings. Color Varies from White, Orange, and Purple.

Price: 7900 Gpotato points or from player shops average price: 500,000,000 penya

Max Speed: 276 km/h

Sylia hoverbike Edit

Sylia was the first hoverbike ever released. An average price for each one was 1 billion penya each bike. It was only sold for a limted time before being taken off the Gpotato Cash Shop. It has only been sold again after player requests and special events. Sylia hover bikes can only be obtained through other players willing to sell them.

Price: 7900 Gpotato points or from player shops average price: 1,000,000,000,000

Max Speed: 254 km/h

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