Flarine is the town located on the continent of Flaris and is seperated into three parts: Northern Flarine, Central Flarine, and Eastern Flarine. When a player begins a new character, it will start as a level one vagrant near the Northern Flarine lodelight.

Central FlarineEdit

Central Flarine is where most of Flarine's non-player character and player shops are located.

Non-Player CharactersEdit

Quests started in Central FlarineEdit

Northern FlarineEdit

This is where Guild Siege and 1vs1 Guild Sieges are signed up for and began. This is also where players sign up for and vote for a Lord and enter the Forsaken Tower. The lodelight for the continent of Flaris as well as some parts of Saint Morning and Darkon is located in the center of Northern Flarine.

Non-Player CharactersEdit

Quests started in Northern FlarineEdit

Eastern FlarineEdit

Non-Player CharactersEdit

Quests started in Eastern FlarineEdit

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