Dual Wielding is the signature characteristic of the Blade s. It is the ability to hold a one-handed weapon, either a sword or an axe, in each hand. The weapon in the right hand is referred to as the main-hand weapon, while the weapon in the left hand is referred to as the off-hand weapon. The Blade receives 100% of the attack power from the main-hand weapon but only 70% of the attack power from the off-hand weapon. This isn't a skill, but a passive ability of the Blade class (such as the Jester's quadruple critical hit rate).

Attack Pattern Edit

While dual wielding, Blades have a characteristic attack pattern. The Blade will begin with a hit from only the main-hand, followed by a hit using both the main-hand and off-hand weapons, and then repeat. Although this cycle is simply an ABAB pattern, the attack animation is several cycles long.

Off-hand and Skills Edit

The off-hand weapon's attack power does not contribute to skills. However, any piercings or awakenings on the weapon will still be figured into damage. Only the main-hand weapon influences the Blade's ability to use the Mercenary self-buffs Smite Axe, Axe Mastery, Blazing Sword, and Sword Mastery.

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