Coral Island
Coral Island is a premium continent where level 42 start. The strongest Masquerpets for the First Job - Second Job is here, which range from level 43 to 69. There is no town/city here. You need a premium ticket named Coral Island Ticket to get in to Coral Island.


The PastEdit

Reserved for ages for only the more financially endowed this resort quality beach front land is now on the market. Come and "own", for a time, your part of the beach. ("own" as in owning the spawns)

Present DayEdit

A new land has been discovered in the world of Madrigal. Coral Island the great beach oasis.



Ways of AccessEdit

  • Coral Island Ticket

Coral Island Monsters
Kingster | Kraken | Creper | Naga | Atrox | Okean | Tigar | Dorian | Meral

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