Continents are large, seperate islands. There are 7 continents in Flyff, most of which have a main city in them. Each continent is fairly diverse. One cannot go from one continent to another on foot, however flying on a board or broom or teleporting using a blinkwing is required to do so. The 7 continents are Flaris, Saint Morning, Darkon, Bahara Dessert + Kaillun Grassland + Valley Of the Risen + Shaduwar, and the premium continents of Azria, Coral Island and Traseia .

Flaris is the continent beginners will start out on, and contains masquerpets levels 1 - 20, not including those found in dungeons, or giant versions of creatures. All four job change quests take place there, Assist, Mercenary, Magician and Acrobat.

Saint Morning contains masqerpets with levels higher than Flaris.

Darkon is divided into three parts, Darkon 1, 2, and 3.

Shaduwar, The Valley of the Risen, Kaillun Grassland and Bahara Dessert are the same continent called Roika, but four different parts. Some of the hardest non event masquerpets are found here, as well as the best players.


Here are the known Maps of FlyFF:


Coral Island

Coral Island



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