In flyff; there are many types of consumable items that a user may find as a drop or purchase from an NPC store or even the FlyFF Store.

Food, Refreshers, Vita-drinks and Buff Items.

Food restores HP, the highest purchasable from an NPC is the popular Star-Candy, however it is possible to get better ones from Drops. Pills are also a form of 'food' however as they can be quite expensive, they are seperate items. These range in veriety from Grey to Gold and have varying healing values from that. Remantis Lacotte are only available from the FlyFF Cash Shop and could also be considered a 'buff item', however as they do not apply a buff, they are just food.

Refshers restore MP which makes these perfect for any class that wishes to cast spells such as Magicians or Assists, these can normally be found either as drops or from an NPC store.

Vita-Drinks are for restoring FP for characters such as Assists and Mercenaries and are purchasable from the NPC vendor and can be found as drops.

However, be warned that using any of the above items will consume it regardless of how much of the given stat the user has, this can lead to wastage.

Buff Items, however, are the exception to these rules.  These items are only purchasable from the Cash Shop Store and can be quite expensive to get in game, Refresher Holds, Activiations and Vita Drink Xs are all examples of this, however there are also consumable scrolls which increase EXP gain (Scroll of Amplification), Scrolls that negate the EXP loss on death, Scrolls that give parties extra range and extra points (Red and Green) or even a scroll that allows a guild to change its name.

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