Clockworks is a level 80 supergiant. He is one of the very few monsters whose drops are not effected by levels.

The Supergiant Clockworks. Do not face him alone.

Locating ClockworksEdit

Name lvl HP Def Mdef Exp Atk Ele
Clockworks 80 62,582,890 115 140 249,864,550 2,800~3,000 [1]


Different types of jewlery.

Unique weapons

And many other types of items Food, MP and FP potions(refreshers).

History Of Clockworks:

Back in the historical passages of Madrigal exists a legend of heroism that has been told to every child and is known to every man. The story of Clockworks, a large, majestic, mechanical, spider-like machine, that has a restless soul of his very own. The tale tells of how he once reeked havoc across the world as he stomped, slashed, and roared. Clockworks is a reddish copper color and has a beautiful sun marking or tattoo laid across his visage (face). The largest Clockworks ever to be documented is the Lord Alpha Clockworks, which is more of a burnt orange, red-blood color. Clockworks is not an animal, but a machine made of metal. Clockworks has several legs, similar to a spider, and is very dangerous towering over the land like an ancient Dinosaur. It is said, Clockworks had been defeated and caged in Darkon. There had been a time in which Clockworks had escaped and rampaged around the cities of Madrigal for revenge, but alas has been caught, and caged once again. You may, if you find the courage, enter the Clockworks' cage and defeat him in an earth shattering duel with your Guild Members called Clockworks War. However...if you fail, you shall put yourself to shame.

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