A Card Piece is an item that you get while Collecting. If you collect 10 of one type of Card Piece, you can go to a Collecting Manager, and have him transform them into one Card. The card that you get in return varies on what Card Piece you give the Collecting Manager.

List of Collectible Card Pieces: Edit

  • Ocean Card(2%) Piece
  • Ocean Card(4%) Piece
  • Ocean Card(7%) Piece
  • Vacuum Card(2%) Piece
  • Vacuum Card(4%) Piece
  • Vacuum Card(7%) Piece
  • Earthquake Card(2%) Piece
  • Earthquake Card(4%) Piece
  • Earthquake Card(7%) Piece
  • Volcano Card(2%) Piece
  • Volcano Card(4%) Piece
  • Volcano Card(7%) Piece
  • Lightning Card(2%) Piece
  • Lightning Card(4%) Piece
  • Lightning Card(7%) Piece

How to Collect Edit

Go to a Collecting Area, and buy a Collector from a Collecting Manager. Then going into the Collecting Area with your Collector equipped. Then click Start on the box that pops up when you have a Collector equipped. You will then start Collecting.

Other Pieces Edit

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