Skill Weapons Requirements Description
Silent Strike Silent Strike Swords Level 60
Sword Mastery level 3
Deals a sliding attack to the enemy.
Spring Attack Spring Attack Axes Level 60
Axe Mastery level 3
Strikes the enemy multiple times in a row.
Armor Penetrate Armor Penetrate Swords or Axes Level 62 Attack that ignores a portion of the target's defense.
Blade Dance Blade Dance Swords Level 65
Silent Strike level 5
No-target, self-center area of effect skill.
Hawk Attack Hawk Attack Axes Level 65
Spring Attack level 5
Attack which can blind the target, dramatically reducing its accuracy.
Berserk Berserk Swords or Axes Level 65
Armor Penetrate level 4
Self-buff. Increases attack speed and power, but disables skills.
Sonic Blade Sonic Blade Swords or Axes Level 70
Berserk level 7
Targetted, self-center frontal area of effect skill.
Cross Strike Cross Strike Swords or Axes Level 75
Sonic Blade level 7
Attack in a cross-like pattern.
Special 1-Handed Mastery Special One-Handed Weapon Mastery Swords or Axes Master Status Self-buff. Increases attack power.
Ultimate Defense Ultimate Defense Swords or Axes Hero Status Self-buff. Dramatically increases defense but disables movement.

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