At level 130 the Elementor can progress to the 3rd job change - Arcanist. Masters of the arcane their magic tends to revolve around elemental powers. Arcanist's can wield the power of the heaven's aswell as the elements from their previous incarnation of an elementor. These are highly powerful with the ability to use these elements to maim and hunt down the enemy. LIke the Elementor and Magician they use a staff. 


Arcanist Skills

Begginer Job
First Jobs
Assist | Mercenary | Magician | Acrobat
Second Jobs
Ringmaster | Billposter | Blade | Knight | Elementor | Psykeeper | Jester | Ranger
Third Jobs
Seraph | Force Master | Slayer | Templar | Arcanist | Mentalist | Harlequin | Crackshooter
Unrealeased Jobs
Doppleganger | Puppeteer | Gatekeeper
Echoes of the weary does sleep for a minute.

EVA storm can stunn the oponment for a few seconds. (3 - 4 seconds)

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